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On this day, 27th July 2021, we feel the hurt of loosing a Gentleman's Gentleman. After 99years Ed Larson succomed to the rigors of life, this morning. I have never met a man with so much Humility & Passion for his birds. Ed's stories of the Brisbane River, Butchering, Birding & his Service (PNG) will be sorely missed. If you didn't know Ed, you have missed out. Ed was the first Life Member of the Thuringowa Bird Club, & he has been missed (recently) & will be in the future at our meetings. May you be in a happy place my friend.

 About Ed Larson

 Ed's Birthday was the 22 July, he had just turned 99yrs young.

 Ed was an extremely Queit Humble man who joined the Thuringowa Bird Club in May 1996, only one year after the Club's formation. Over the 26 yrs of his membership, I doubt he would have missed more than a handfull of Meetings, Sales, Gatherings or Northern Avian Society Conferences.

Ed was a lover of all birds but most loved his Finches, Doves, Quail & Neophemas.

Ed was often referred from the Vets if there were very small species needing caring & Feeding. He still used the brooder box, he made from packing case material from the 1960's.

Photos coming shortly

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