This Page is a great opportunity to give a background on the Townsville City Council' proposed changes to the the Animal Management ByLaws 2021. There is a Survey, by the TCC (linked) also att'd are the ByLaws & Schedules. PLEASE PLEASE have a look & a read here, as it will effect every Animal Owner.

Submission time has now Closed. Individuals as well as the CCBFA- Canary & Caged Bird Federation of Australia, ACA- Animal Care Australia, QFS- Queensland Finch Society, as well as the TBC have Submitted.

The Story

        This space is a great opportunity to give a background. 

We all wish that our Local Councils (Townsville City Council / TCC) act on a progressive agenda of Enrichment  both for the area & it's Residents.

TCC often reviews its Laws & ByLaws, sometimes, seemly not giving the RatePayers the time or the opportunity to Review or to make Statements about thse changes. In modern society, it is up to us to find the information, often hidden in the pathways of Websites & Webpages.

         TCC has setup 'Have your Say' on their Website,  (click to link) it does cover a number issues within the Council Area. The one we are currently concerned with is the Local Law 2,Animal Management 2.

         On this page is a Survey, which may be answered & Submitted. Most of the Survey question are Yes or No answers, and most are in relation to Dogs & Cats.   (click to link)

          These changes take in Management of ALL ANIMALS, not just, as the Survey suggests, mainly CATS & DOGS. 

           Most of us are Hobbyists, living on various size allotments. You may believe that if you live on an allotment over 4000 metres2, it wouldn't effect you. IT most certainly WILL. Many of your 'friends'  may only live on very small allotments & would have restrictions on the number of Animals they acquire.

  Propsed New  Subordinte Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2021      (click to link)

If you can (& you should) try to write a Submission to the Townsville City Council on these proposed changes, by the (22nd) now the 29th, October 2021, 5pm. A Local Forum will be held at the Walker St, Council Chambers on the 20th October from 6 till 8pm. 

       YOU MUST REGISTER to be able to attend this Forum. Registration is to email,

THIS IS IMPORTANT, it is your RIGHT to have your SAY.  PLEASE ACT NOW.

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