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  Bird Barter Bench

Items can be listed on this page, only by Members of the TBC Inc.

                & only presented for 1 month unless extended in writing.                       No percentage is claimed by the Club & Birds are Un-able to be EXPORTED. Licensing, Movement Advices, MTR's are the responsibility of the Sellers.

                          This is a direct Buyer to Seller Contact.

               Still under Construction & dependent on Member participation

BUYERS - SELLERS Reserve the Right to CANCEL Negotation if                Suitable Carry boxes are not Supplied.


Birds WTS             Bird  WTB

Bird WTB Musk Lorikeet Hen

Birds WTS

All Aviary & most DNA’d & last season’s Young

Rainbow Lorikeet 1 x Pr. Lutino Hen, ‘Green’ Cock spl Ino  $500

Rainbow Lorikeet 1 x Pr. ‘Green’  $200

Green-naped Lorikeet 1 x Pr.  $600

Green-naped Lorikeet 1 x Cock $300

Scaley-breasted Lorikeet 1 x Pr. Lutino $60

Scaley-breasted Lorikeet 1 x Cock ‘Green’ spl Ino $160

Red-rumped Parrots 1 x Pr. $140

Budgerigar 1 x Pr. $70  & 1 x Cock

Norm  47 888 546         22-11 


WTS Exotic Lories 

WTB Lineolated Parrakeet

WTS    1 x Mature Proven Yellow-bibbed Lory, 

Lorius chlorocercus Cockbird  $1800.oo

    2 x Young Unrelated Pairs, Buru Red Lories, E.b. cyanonothus. $2600.oo Pr.

WTB  Cobalt Lineolated Parrakeets, Bolborhynchus lineola Hens x 2

KEL   0408 771 975


Alexandrine Parrot MUTATIONS

Aviary Birds

Mutation Birds

Dave   0417 733 525          21-11 

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