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Lineolated Parakeet & Parrotlets

Dark Factor male.jpg

Lineolated Parrakeets

The Lineolated Parakeet, Bolborhynchus lineola, is also known as the Linnie, the Barred Parakeet or Catherines Parakeet.

Only the nominate & one sub-species, B.l.tigrinus are known of this small parakeet, which come from Southern Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia & Peru, usually in the slightly higher altitudes.


              The little Linnies are well suited to our northern climates but are well known not to be consistent breeders.                            They were listed with EBAG, in 2008, to have only 20prs. Registered. Class 1 Exotic

  A small parakeet at only 42 to 52 grms & 160 to 170mm , they certainly makes up in size with personality & colour mutations available. These birds do not do well on all seed diets, so my birds ( all Species) are on a Pellet diet, with major input of Fruits, Vegetables & Fresh Sprouts, Calcium & Mineral Crumbles are available year round.


                                    Aviaries I am currently using vary between 900x700x700 to 1600x600x1000mm.                                       Lineolates seen to get more stressed & lost in larger aviaries.

                      Linnies could breed @ 6<8 months, but I recommend over 12 months, to be far better for the birds.           They could breed year round, but I believe Rainfall & Humidity may greatly influence results, especially within the Nest Box.


I use a 160 x 160 x 160mm box with a 90° tunnel entrance with 50mm O.D. access.

Bottom of the boxes are hollow ground to reduce egg rolling.

When in the ‘box’ the hen sits firm, but doesn’t like to much interference, hence I have fitted small remote cameras to their boxes to irregularly check on any progress.

Young hatch after about 22 days incubation, & are approx. 3.5gms @ hatch. Chicks may sound like little frogs when begging to be fed.


Over all the small species of birds I have bred, if you wish a challenge, but with high rewards, I could not recommend the ‘Linnies’ high enough.


Green (Wild Type), Mutations in Turquoise, Dark Factor (DF) & Double Dark Factor (DDF), sometimes called Knaki, Olive, Cobalt, Mauve. Also Ino - Lutino & Cremino. & Greywing

by Flite Aviaries NQ

Lineolated Parrakeet - D Green
Linny Dark Factor male
Linny - Cobalt cockbird
3 Linnies - D Green + Lutino + Crem
6 Linnies
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