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Current AVIARY Birds Available

All Aviary Raised & come with DNA's

Amazon, 2022 Blue-fronted Hen      $800.oo

Macaws, 2022/23 Hahns, Cocks & Hens        POA

Asiatic, 2022-23 Moustached Parrot Cocks      $150.oo EA.

Asiatic, Alexandrines, Unrelated Pairs & Singles      POA

Lory, Moluccan proven Breeding Hen       POA

Lory, Yellow-backed Chattering proven Breeding Hen       POA

Australian, Crimson-winged Parrots,  cocks & Hens        POA


WTB Lineolated Parrakeet

WTB  Cobalt Lineolated Parrakeets, Bolborhynchus lineola Hens x 2

KEL   0408 771 975


Alexandrine Parrot MUTATIONS

Aviary Birds

Mutation Birds

Dave   0417 733 525          21-11 

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