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Blue-breasted Black-capped Lories

Lorius l.lory

Aviary Bird Hens 2021

One from one pairing was hatched in April. The other two have just fledged a week ago. So be another week or so to make sure they are fully Independant.

Image of one Parent.

  $800.oo ea.

Jenny    0407 000 226          21-10 


IRN/Indian Ring-necked Parrots

Aviary Birds

  $70 < $350.oo

Melvyn   0449 897 245                21-9 

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10-17Young Burus (3).JPG

BURU Red Lory

    E.b. cyanonothus

Aviary Bird Cockbirds 2020 &2021

  $1000.oo ea.

Kel   0408 71 975                21-9 

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